Unit Dose Relabeling

HealthFirst specializes in DSCSA compliant single unit repackaging and DSCSA compliant relabeling and meets all tracing criteria for repackaging and distribution of Low Unit of Measure (LUM) medications. Implementing serialization of single or LUM items in compliance with the phases of the DSCSA regulation is complex, costly, and labor-intensive.  Considerations include State and Federal licensing and regulatory compliance, production process investments, label and packaging design, inventory handling time, and unique customer requirements.



DSCSA Compliant Distribution Services

HealthFirst offers two options for LUM serialized distribution.  Serialized medications can be delivered on your behalf directly to your end customer, including the required tracing statements that accompany the shipment.  HealthFirst can also ship single serialized product in bulk to your warehouse for your distribution, providing tracing statements for each individually serialized product.  HealthFirst is licensed to distribute the product in all 50 States and US Territories.

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