Drug and Device Kitting

Kitting allows for individual medical products purchased from medical device and drug manufacturers and packaging them together for hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, oral surgeons and other healthcare agencies. The products are often packaged together for efficient use by the healthcare provider. Healthcare providers order custom kits for the purpose of performing a specific medical or surgical procedure.

Kitting offers drug and medical device manufacturers a convenient and cost-effective way to deliver products to market while making end-user administration easier. Instead of receiving individual components from multiple suppliers required for a given therapy, caregivers receive a self-contained package offering all the necessary components for patient administration.

Compliance with pedigree standards relative to the process of kitting and supply chain management is a major challenge. The requirement to trace individual components of a kit in the event of a recall, as well as meeting state agency requirements to show the origin and chain of possession of each component helps prevent adulteration and counterfeiting. 
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